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Electronic fingerprint piggy bank

Electronic fingerprint piggy bank

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This electronic fingerprint piggy bank provides secure and convenient savings for your child. With the added feature of fingerprint recognition, they can easily access their funds and develop good saving habits. The perfect combination of fun and practicality for young savers.

Forged light: Press and hold the "*" key to turn on the forged light and check the bill for authenticity. 

In off state: press "*" and "#" at the same time, the system prompts you to enter the music space, and then press the number key to select the song. Press "*" or "#" to exit the music area.

Enter the installation password (the initial password is 4624), press the fingerprint button, the system will ask for the correct password and automatically open the door.


Item type: Piggy bank

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue/pink

Quantity: 1

Item size: 13 * 13 * 24cm / 5.1 * 5.1 * 9.4 inches (l * W * H)

Weight: 750g

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