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Baby Bath Water Thermometer

Baby Bath Water Thermometer

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  • Measure your baby's bath water temperature accurately and easily with our Baby Bath Water Thermometer. Ensure their bath is always at the perfect temperature for their delicate skin. Made with quality materials, this bath thermometer is a must-have for every parent.

  • Overview
    Baby's skin is very delicate, and excessively high water temperature can cause harm to the baby, the Water Thermometer can quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the water.
    1.Kerosene solution, not contain mercury
    2.Explosion-proof design, safely built-in temperature sensor
    3.Environmental protection material, smooth ABS material
    4.Drain hole design

  • Specification
    Material: Plastic
    Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃
    Thermometer Use: Bath Thermometers 

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