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Baby bath chair

Baby bath chair

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The Baby No Slip Bath Chair provides a safe and secure bathing experience for your little one. The non-slip feature ensures that your baby stays in place without any risk of slipping or sliding. With this chair, you can have peace of mind while bathing your baby.

Product information:
Material: Polypropylene (pp)Basin type: plastic Size:66X41X21.5CM


1. Comfortable spine protection design, soft-touch material, just like mother's arm, you can play while lying down.
2. Drainage system design, water-free fast filtration, more thorough cleaning; TPE soft rubber edge, soft to the touch, fit the back, give the baby a more comfortable experience.
3. Ergonomic design, smart design, easy to store and easy to clean, to meet a variety of scenarios.
4. Easy to use and store - very easy to assemble and store. Stay close to the wall when not in use, saving more bathroom space.
5. Three-point structural support, uniform force distribution, non-slip displacement, safe material, more concerned about the baby's health.
Baby bathtub only, does not include other accessories shown in the picture 

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